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If you are a professional web developer and want to learn a web framework for a large-scale project then Django is the right choice for you. Also, Django is a great option for your final year project if you are a university or a college student enrolled in a Bachelor/Master (Computer Science, Software Engineering, IT, Electrical, Electronics) of Pakistan-based (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi) or a top-ranked university of Canada, United States, UK, Australia, Germany, among others. We have top Django tutors who provide online tutoring and home tuition to learners of all levels. They help in developing your project, by providing tutorials and relevant assignments, quizzes, and review classes for your Django project.

Django Course Details:

Our Django course covers the following concepts:

1.     Intro to software tools for a Django development environment


9.     In-depth explanation of function-based views 17.                        Sending an email using a form
2.     Database abstraction (Object Relational Mapper)


10.   How to use class-based views 18.                        Pagination
3.     Creation of a model


11.                        Creating templates using Django’s template engine 19.                        Authentication


4.     Model validation


12.   How to handle static files in Django 20.                        Sessions and messages
5.     Export and import of data (via JSON)


13.                        Managing Django’s settings 21.                        Security
6.     Working with an ORM on the command line


14.   Different debugging techniques 22.                        Write your own middleware
7.       Using Django’s admin 15.                        Logging


23.                        Create your own tags and filters
8.     Defining URLs at one place (Routing)


16.                        Forms and their validation 24.                        FINAL COURSE REVIEW

Django Course Duration:

The duration of the Django course is 16 weeks. It all depends on your academic background, the type of project you want to work on, and how fast you grasp the Django concepts.

Django Tutoring Options:

Our Django tutors are available for online Django tutoring, and we try to facilitate you in a way that delivers optimal results.

Django Project

The course starts with developing a first, simple application. Then we develop this application further and deepen our knowledge about the used components by either making an advanced version of that basic project or starting a new professional project.

The project can be of the student’s choice (be it a university final year project, a semester project, or a professional application) or it can be mutually decided by the student and the tutor. Once the project has been finalized then this will be taken forward and the student will start working on it while the Django tutor will provide feedback during the review classes.

About Django Tutors

Our Django tutors are Python and Django web framework experts working at the leading software houses and/or teaching programming languages at the top universities. They have years of experience in developing and delivering web applications of all scales: small, medium, and large. Other than Django, based on the student’s requirement, and the tutor’s capabilities, they teach Java JSP, Python, Ruby on Rails (ROR), HTML, Laraval, and JavaScript programming online.

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