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Since 2011, Java HTS has been helping its students with the best home and online tutors in Pakistan and beyond. Our student reviews are a testament to our tutoring quality, commitment, and yearning for excellence in education. Whether you or your child is in school, college, university or just looking for an online course for your professional development – Java HTS has been here to help you with all your academic needs in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and other cities of Pakistan, and in other countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, USA, UK, Qatar, Sweden, Azerbaijan, and Canada among others. We have provided tutors for all subject matters and levels – be it Junior classes, Pre-O Levels, O Levels, A-Levels, American High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate (IB), AP Courses, SAT test prep, language tutoring, or programming language tutoring among other things.  All of our online and home tutors are highly qualified, they hold at least a Master’s degree in the relevant subject, and are well-trained and experienced, with at least 5 years of online teaching experience.

Read the reviews and see how we have helped our students and what they and their parents say about us:

Hired home tutor for NET test for NUST computer science. Tutor was to the point, knowledgeable and very updated. Would def recommend it to my friends.

Thanks to Allah, I got admitted to NUST Mechanical Engineering after preparing for the test online from Javahts tutors. I was studying in the PIS Jeddah English section and coming to Pakistan, especially for the test was impossible. The tutors were really cooperative and professional and they adjusted to my routine. Thumbs up to their tutoring.

I have been admitted to UC Berkeley and I need to learn the Spanish Language online in Pakistan because it would help me there in finding a part-time job. I chose Java Hts because they have top reviews and a good reputation in the market for professionalism and service delivery. I hired online language tutor and studied till I flew to the US. Great service overall. Recommended! 🙂

I spend half a year in Sacramento, California for business purposes. Spanish being the second language there is spoken by most of the population for business and daily communications. I wanted to learn Spanish and hired an online language tutor from Java HTS, I learned the foundation level in 4 months. I found Miss Faiza professional and honest. You may contact this company if you want to improve your language proficiency quickly and efficiently.

I am working in a Saudi company that has offices in UAE and Pakistan as well, so I travel to Pakistan more often for business meetings, and I need to speak Urdu for that matter if needed. I am a Sri Lankan so cannot speak Urdu, for that I hired Java Hts online Urdu language tutor and learned the language for 6 months. Mr. Atif Hussain, the tutor, helped me with this and I was given the University of Pennsylvania’s course to study online. Mr. Atif started from scratch and I was able to make it to the intermediate level in 6 months. The advantage I had was that I am a Muslim and knew Arabic so I learned Urdu very quickly with the able guidance of Mr. Atif. Thumbs up to their online tutors.

I am the operation manager at Guard Group of Companies, Lahore. Our company has operations in China and the team frequently visits China and also does the daily communication with our Chinese partners, we wanted to train our people in basic Chinese so that they could write emails and reply to them and do verbal communication if need be. Java HTS prepared a training course for our 20 employees and Sir Tariq Mirza trained our team at our plant for 4 months. Chinese language tutoring and training were well-designed and professionally delivered. I will recommend them for company-wide language training.

I have been living and working in Saudi Arabia for over ten years, but the Arabic language has been a problem for me to learn because my location is far away from the main city. I contacted Java and they paired me with Sir Safwan to learn the language. I studied the Arabic language online for 6 month, now I am able to communicate and do my job in a better way.

My grandson is going to an IB World School in Dubai and taking French as a second language in his MYP, we hired an online french language tutor for his regular studies. He studies online for three years, Mr. Imran and Ms. Hannah have been very flexible and helpful for him to learn the French language. Ms Hannah, the tutor, was much more flexible to adjust to our son’s schedule and provide him with timely support.

I had been preparing for the French language online for 3 years because DEFL B1 for Canadian immigration had become almost impossible for me to pass. I am based in the UAE, I searched online and found Java HTS for this, they provided me with a native online French tutor and I prepared dedicatedly for a year, and I was able to meet my cut-off score and get to the B1 level. I would totally recommend Java HTS for the French language and DELF specifically.

Java HTS left us speechless with its tremendous services. It has been proven to be one of the best tutoring companies in Pakistan. We hired online AP Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus tutors in Lahore, and the scores were amazing. Will definitely recommend you all if you need American High School, or AP online tutors.
Thanks Alot!!

Very much professional tutors. We hired some for GIS assignment help, and we were very much happy with their work. Keep it up

My brother needed help in assignment, he asked me and after contacting many service providers I contacted Java Home Tuition Services. My brother scored 90+ marks in his programming assignments.

We hired a tutor for FSc Pre engineering science subjects in Bahria Town. He was very much professional and updated.

My brother wanted to prepare for Cadet College Hasan Abdal admission test and we contacted Java HTS. My brother passed the test, now he has been promoted to Matric. Thank you!

We hired a tutor for a friend’s son going to Learning Alliance for IB MYP and the tutor was very much professional. Highly recommended if you are looking for a tutor for International Baccalaureate.

Java HTS is the best tutoring company in Pakistan. In Islamabad, we needed help regarding hiring an IB tutor for our kids going to International School of Islamabad (ISOI) and their tutors provided us end-to-end services for all subjects of PYP, ranging from English to Urdu to Maths and others. I must say they are doing a fantastic job. If you are looking for a tutor in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, then look no further. Thanks again.

One of my friend’s brother was studying at Beaconhouse Margalla Campus (BMI), Islamabad. They hired a home tutor from Java Tutors for his O’Levels Maths. He had strong command on the subject and knew the past papers, as well as exam paper pattern. After Allah’s blessing, his brother was able to score A* because of these people.

My niece needed help in preparing for the admission test of Karachi Grammar School (KGS). I know the Java HTS for many years, I asked the team to arrange a tutor, my niece is studying there now.

Best tutoring services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Don’t look further if you are looking for an IGCSE, International Baccalaureate or AP tutor in Pakistan. It’s been a great opportunity working with them.

We needed a tutor for ACE International Academy in Bahria Town Phase 4 Rawalpindi for Key Stage 3 Maths, Urdu and English and for that we contacted Java HTS. Their tutor is very much honest, updated and professional. I must say they will have your back be it any curriculum, any Key Stage or any subject. International Baccalaureate, IGCSE, CIE or textbook board – all. Thank you, we are happy with our decision.

As a tutor, I have found Java HTS the only institution that provides tutoring services of all subjects not only at the national level but also internationally. It fulfills the needs of every student by providing them experienced and competent teachers who can teach from basic to expert level. I appreciate their hard work and professional attitude.

We hired a preschool tutor for Karachi Grammar School. Their services are the best. Very much professional tutors in Karachi.

Great instructors and great online courses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They helped me in landing a job by providing the required online tutoring. Thankyou! 🙂

Java home tuition services provides excellent tutoring services to the people through quality tutors. The staff of java home tuition service is extremely cooperative and highly professional. I would say that keep up the good work.

Such a professional tutors. Through online tuition provided by Java HTS, you can easily watch the progress of your child. I recommend this for FBISE students for every subject they want and as well as o and A-level student. Thank you, Java youHTS and Mr Imran.

I was hired by them as a freelance writer, instructions were clear, excellent communication and on-time payment. An excellent team led by professionals. Highly recommended.

Java Home Tuition Services (Java HTS) are excellent and highly professional, I have a great experience with them and it’s an honor for me to be the part of their team of AP courses tutors.

Very helpful and professional service. Helped me in finding tuition as soon as I needed. Totally satisfied.

Been with them for many years now and still counting. Amazing experience. They catered to all my tutoring needs!
Extremely professional and highly recommended to all those who are looking forward to wonderful teaching experience. More power to you Java Home Tuition Services (Java HTS).

I am very satisfied with JavaHts. They located potential students who are able to achieve the commands in the Spanish language in Islamabad. Looking forward to getting more students with JavaHts.

We hired Java HTS tutor for Convent of Jesus and Mary Prep Class test Preparation. And I am very much happy that my daughter got admission there after 2 months prep by their tutor. Thank you!

I am an IELTS tutor form England from England and Java HTS was the only professional tuition service I found in Lahore. All the others were trying to scam both me and the clients.
A professional tuition service with experienced and professional staff for all your tuition needs. They cover every subject/test you need.

We are based out of Kuwait, and we needed online tutors for High School, and Elementary Levels and also for Programming languages (Android, Django and Python). After trying many other service providers then, after a recommendation, we contacted Java HTS and we are more than happy with our decision now.

The Java HTS team is very much professional and well above par regarding client servicing. Their tutors are very much honest and trustworthy professionals who are ready to go the extra mile.

I have been working in Birmingham for sometime now, I required an IELTS tutor to meet my language requirements here in the United Kingdom. Right now I have 6 bands, I needed 7 bands overall. I contacted Java HTS team, they provided me an online tutor. He was very much professional and flexible. He adjusted to my schedule. I got 7.5 bands.

My son goes to Ryerson University for their bachelors in IT, he needed tutors for Statistics and Java Programming. We hired online tutors from Java HTS. They are very much professional and my son doesn’t have any problem in those subjects now.

We live in Dammam, and we wanted to hire A Levels tutors for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. We hired Java HTS tutors for that and they taught my son very much professionally online.

I just had 24 hours turnaround time for my Java programming assignment, and it was delivered before time where I had time to ask for revisions, too. I would like to be their repeat customer.

After contacting scores of service providers, I was only satisfied by the professionAl services of Java HTS. Their tutors are well at par with the rest of the service providers. I was amazed when I was told that you can hire a tutor for anything that pops up in my mind and they proved it. Highly recommended, folks. Don’t waste your time going for others.

I am a GIS graduate, but I wanted to learn programming alongside to freelance. I contacted the #JavaHTS team, and now I am an expert of many programming languages. Their Java programming tutors, HTML5 tutors are just exceptional. I would recommend everyone to hire their tutors, not just for earning but learning, too. #Thankyou #JavaTutors.

We hired a tutor in Bahria Town from #JavaHTS and we were amazed that went extra mile in serving our children with a professional tutor in Islamabad. Bravados!

Java HTS is the best. We have been taking help for the creative writing of different academic and professional projects and the #JavaHTS team outdid all the other service providers. I will highly recommend their tutors and writers alike. We couldn’t have done those projects without these professionals.

I wanted to prepare myself for a certification which was much important for my professional development but I didn’t have enough time to prepare for that. So I hired a tutor for the preparation and now I have passed that certification of boiler engineering. I just want to say that the #JavaHTS never stops amazing you, be it the professionalism, quality services, grades or just a call for information. Best wishes to the team.

None other than Java HTS could help me with Java programming. I learnt everything from scratch to advanced level until I started delivering professional projects. And what I liked most was the agile methodology used by instructor, while being so much concise and crisp. I will recommend everyone to hire any kind of tutor you want, as they know what you require and they over-deliver while under-promising the whole thing. All-stars!!! 🙂

Working with Java HTS has been a learned experience for me. I got the opportunity to teach different programming languages and (online) meet students from across the world. I must say the team knows what they are doing and can teach anyone professionally, be it a toddler, mid-career professional or a house-wife. Highly recommended to all looking for tutors and jobs.

I couldn’t pass Maths of Intermediate, and took the supplementary exam and again failed. Now I have taken admission in university on provisional basis as it was my last chance. I contacted Java HTS, I was provided with the best tutor and I scored 90% marks with one month’s preparation while I needed just 33%. They furthered my career, God bless them!

We have been providing coaching classes at Treadstone Professional Development Centre, and we needed GRE, GMAT, SAT and O and A Levels tutors on regular basis. So, whenever we need an instructor or any kind of staff, we only know one service provider and that’s Java HTS – they are very much professional and agile.

We are a family of doctors, and I wanted my children to join this profession, too. So during their O/A levels, I have been hiring tutors from Java Home Tuition Services, and bingo! My son is studying medicine in Chicago, USA and my daughter is studying in China’s best medical school. I never wished more than this. Java HTS, thanks for everything.

My children are studying in Lahore Grammar School, EME campus, I needed tutor for them and I contacted Imran from Java HTS for a tutor. The tutor who is tutoring my children, he is very much professional and committed to delivering best results. My children are happy now and so am I.

I am a coder, so like always my job is a bit cold. But Java HTS is not cold, they have provided me with the opportunity of teaching Java programming online to the students in many countries, from Africa to Middle East to North America. With this I earn and also get the chance to meet new people, learn from them and teach them. #ThankyouJavaHTS

I had been trying to switch my school for so long, but I wasn’t able to pass their entrance exam. Now, I am a student of my dream school. Thank you, Java Home Tuition Services!

Provided me with a perfect opportunity, Mr Imran is highly cooperative person and is doing an excellent job. Wish him all the success in his life ahead. Keep rolling! 🙂

It was getting hard for me to carry on both my job and studies and then my brother studying at UT Dallas recommended me to hire Java HTS writers for assignment help of my most difficult subjects. Now I am happy that I am able to do both the job and studies at the same time, only because of these guys. I am satisfied and hope you, too, will be.

At Manadus, we required transcription of some corporate interviews and Java HTS team got the job done – with unlimited revisions at very much competitive prices. I must say they have the right writers, and they know how to complete a task before deadline. I would recommend them for such kind of jobs, they are super professionals.

My CGPA was not good until I contacted Java HTS and hired an academic writer for my assignments. Now, I have high CGPA and I am a stellar student of my class! Straight A’s and B’s made possible for me!


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