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Learn Python programming language online or in-home with our expert Python tutors in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi (Pakistan), or anywhere. With our Python tutoring, you start learning Python from the basics and go to the advanced level while gaining hands-on experience with small to large-scale Python projects. Other than this, our expert Python tutors also help students with their university/college Python projects and assignments, with the minimum turnaround time.

Introduction to Python:

Python is one of the top-ranked and highly in-demand general-purpose programming languages. It is being used by all major corporations around the world for both frontend and backend development on small and large scales. Python is a productivity-driven programming language as it saves lots of time for programmers because they can write lengthy code in just a few lines.

Python Course Details:

Our Python programming course is divided into four modules; details of each module are as under:

Module 1: Sequence indexes (with Strings)

Accessing String Characters with index Accessing substrings with index slicing Iterating through Characters of a String Python Project* brainstorming Python Project Selection

Module 2: Sequence Manipulation (with Lists)

Create Lists Access Lists Append to Lists Insert into Lists Delete Lists and List Items

Module 3: Sequence Iteration

Create numeric iteration using range Extend, Sort and Reverse Lists Convert between Strings and Lists Split and Join Lists Project Review 1

Module 4: Working with Files

Import, Open, and Read Files Read Files a line at a time Write to Files Navigate through Files Project Review 2

Note: In this project, you will leave Java HTS’s learning environment to set up a development environment on your own computer. Our Python tutor will help you in selecting a Python project that is related to your scope of work and that takes your Python knowledge and skills to the next level.

Python Course Pre-requisites:

It is recommended that the student should have basic knowledge of programming languages that included Java Programming language and C++, and if you don’t know these languages, then you have to inform us beforehand so that our Python tutors could customize this Python course seeing your needs.

Python Course Duration:

The duration of the Python course is 6-8 weeks. It all depends on your academic background, the type of project you want to work on, and how fast you grasp Python concepts.

Python Tutoring Options:

Our Python tutors are available both for in-home and online Python tutoring, and we try to facilitate you in a way that delivers optimal results.

Python Tutors Profile:

Our Python tutors are leading professionals with years of applications development experience under their belt; they work at the top software houses and universities of Pakistan and also have certifications from leading international universities and certifying bodies. Other than Python, based on the student’s requirement, and the tutor’s capabilities, they teach Java JSP, Django, Ruby on Rails (ROR), HTML, Laraval, and JavaScript programming online.

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