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Java HTS is a leading tutoring platform offering services in Pakistan and beyond, being a front runner, we try to make every step as simple as possible and provide the students with the best possible services to make them the front runners, too. We don’t compete with others but we compete with ourselves to make our process even more agile and standardized. Know more about us, and our privacy policy.

Hiring Process

You post your query with the help of our contact form given on each page of our website, by email, or by calling. Herein you tell us the class you’re enrolled in, the school you are studying in, the subject you want the tutor for, and other requirements, if any; and thereon we start working on our process – selection of a professional tutor for you out of our vetted and certified professional tutors.

As every students has different capabilities, so are the tutors, not every tutor can teach all students. So, seeing your requirements, our panel selects 5 tutors, interviews them for this particular job and then we provide you with the two options. You select one, we start work on the next step i.e. running a diagnostic test.

We believe that everyone must be assessed, be it our tutor or the student. So, to make that fair assessment we conduct a Mathematics and English diagnostic test where students are provided with a time-bound test, and based upon the test scores, our tutors assess the strength and weakness of the student(s) in that particular area and present you a report consisting wherein the test diagnostic test scores and solid plan of action is provided to the parents/guardian to get the tutoring started.

It’s highly improbable that you experience any issues working with the vetted, pre-screened professional tutors on Java HTS board; as we do understand that you’re concerned with the payment security and your children’s protection, and we take every measure to make it sure that no such incident happens. So, you either pay the tuition fees to the tutor or the Java HTS office, choice is yours. This is how it works.

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