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JSP (Jakarta ServerPage, formerly Java Server Page) is an extension to the Java server-let side technology, developed by Sun Microsystems, it allows you to create dynamic websites, while the page logic is for static elements from HTML code. JSPs are used for dynamic website creation, they use Java programming language. Our online JSP tutors in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, Pakistan make a professional in a few weeks.

JSPs, although hard to understand for most users, is not rocket science, especially when taught by our professional JSP tutors in a simple and easy way. This JSP course has been developed comprehensively, seeing the needs of beginners and advanced-level learners, so that everyone could benefit from the content.

Our JSP tutors will take learners from basic to intermediate to very much complex examples in a very simple way, where students would be implementing what they have learned so far and our JSP tutors will be providing feedback and guidelines to the JSP student on the concepts needing improvement.

JSP Course Details:

This JSP course is divided into three modules; details of each module are as under:

Module 1:

1- Overview 5- Syntax (Java Basics + HTML) 9- Client Request
2- Environment 6- Directives 10- Server Response
3- Architecture (JSP Processing) 7- Actions 11- JSP Project Review
4- Life Cycle 8- Implicit Objects 12- JSP Project Feedback

Module 2:

1- HTTP Codes 5- Session Tracking 9- Hits Counter
2- Form Processing 6- File Uploading 10- Auto Refresh
3- Writing Filters 7- Handling Date 11- Sending Email
4- Cookies Handling 8-Page Redirect 12- JSP Project Review/Feedback

Module 3:

1- Standard Tag Library 5- Custom Tags 9- Security
2- Database Access 6- Expression Language 10- Internationalization
3- XML Data 7- Exception Handling 11- Project Final Feedback
4- Java Beans 8- Debugging 12- Project Final Review

 Note: This course also involves a project, so after completing this course you would be having an intermediate to an advanced level professional project in your hands.


It is recommended that the student should have basic knowledge of programming languages that included Java Programming language and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and if you don’t know these languages, then you have to inform us beforehand so that our JSP tutors could customize this JSP course seeing your needs.

JSP Course Duration:

The duration of the JSP course is 8 – 12 weeks. it all depends on your academic background and how fast you grasp the JSP concepts.

JSP Tutoring Options:

Our tutors are available both for in-home and online JSP tutoring, and we try to facilitate you in a way that delivers optimal results.

JSP Tutors Profile:

Our JSP tutors are industry professionals with years of software development experience under their belt; they are working in the top software house in Pakistan and also have certifications from leading international universities and certifying bodies.

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