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Homeschooling Tutors: Tailored Learning

Homeschooling also called home education, is a future-looking mindset where the parents, dissatisfied with the traditional educational methods, go against the odds and dare to teach their children themselves or with the help of homeschooling tutors.

Problem with the traditional educational methods

Every student has different educational problems and learning capabilities and traditional educational methods cannot address everyone’s needs. Yes, it is a fact: they just cannot. So, in a much larger classroom, with scores of students and disparity between the teacher and students, no student can get the individual attention; as a result, some students excel and the rest of the class gets cornered and faces difficulty developing the required Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Creativity Quotient (CQ) and the Emotional Quotient (EQ).

What do our homeschooling tutors do?

Java HTS has always been at your disposal when you go against the odds. With our professional homeschooling tutors, we aim to facilitate you all the way around when you feel that the available educational options won’t serve the purpose and there is a need to go the extra mile. Our homeschooling tutors help your children excel in the following ways:

  • They pay individual attention to your child, considering him/her as a unit;
  • They employ activity-based and problem-based learning methods and make it possible that every student pushes the boundaries;
  • They provide learning-on-demand, where the children pursue knowledge and make experiences based on their interest and understanding, and our tutors also make sure that the parents play an active role in facilitating it;
  • Being multidisciplinary, our homeschooling tutors don’t rely on textbooks, but they believe in hands-on-learning and design activities in a way that they touch students in every angle, and make students think about “What, Why, Who, Whom, Which, and How” of everything because learning by doing is our mantra; and
  • Above all, they don’t bully your children.

Benefits of hiring our homeschooling tutors

When you homeschool your children, then everyone will question your homeschooling philosophy and will point fingers because they cannot do this because they don’t have that vision you have for your children. But there are many things you cannot do on your own unless you hire our tutor, details are as under:

  • Our tutors work on all “branches of education” (it’s level-dependent) that includes language arts, mathematics, biological and physical sciences, social sciences, fine arts, and physical development and health;
  • Our tutors take near-total responsibility for your children’s homeschooling, so you need not quit your job as we have got your back covered for that;
  • Our homeschooling tutors instill religious values and beliefs in your children;
  • They deploy an experiential approach to learning;
  • Our tutors take your children’s natural learning seriously, and make it experience-oriented and conducive to their learning;
  • Our homeschooling tutors tailor their lessons, seeing your child/children’s needs, maturity, and interest;
  • Our tutors teach your children to keep their learning, ethics, and happiness always on the move; and
  • Our tutors work with the correspondence school (if there is any), or they facilitate you with the curriculum.


And, for socializing, we also connect you with other homeschooling parents where field trips and community meet-ups are arranged.

So, what are you waiting for?

Tutoring Options: Online and home tuition

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