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Learn the “Alif Bay Pay” of Urdu!

Our Urdu tutors teach you Urdu which is national language of Pakistan and official language of 6 states of India. It is a very much rich language – it has influence of Persian and Arabic – and stands 7th among the most spoken languages of world with 70 million speakers worldwide.

Urdu, being the national language of Pakistan and the official language of six Indian states, is widely spoken as a first, second and third language in both Pakistan and Indian and their respective diaspora living abroad in Middle East, Europe, America and all over the world. So, some learn Urdu to pass their exams, some learn it to strengthen their diplomatic ties, some learn it to do business with the people speaking Urdu language, and some learn it to experience the rich culture Urdu and the Urdu-speaking people embody.

As Java HTS is based out of Pakistan, so, we have hundreds of professional Urdu teachers, who can meet all your needs – either you are a student; a working professional – recently located to Pakistan or India; a businessman, trying to build a solid base for your business; living among the Urdu-speaking diaspora, and want to strengthen your ties with your peers; or, a Urdu-crazy – and help you master your Urdu.

Urdu tutoring details:

Urdu language as a subject is compulsory in Pakistan from kindergarten to Intermediate, including Urdu in O Levels (Ordinary Level); while it’s optional in A Level (Advanced Level). In Pakistan, curricula is developed and revised by the education departments of the Government of Pakistan, and the O and A Levels curricula is developed and revised by the Cambridge University’s Cambridge International Exams (CIE).

Sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Urdu Tutoring Options: In-home/Online

Urdu Tutors Profile: Our language tutors are certified professionals with years of experience under their belt of tutoring students of this cadre, and designing relevant activities to further the students towards success.

Duration: 6 – 8 Weeks/Depends upon student’s learning capability

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