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LGS Tutors for Cambridge and IB

Our LGS tutors or Lahore Grammar School tutors are best known to deliver “A” grades and set a solid knowledge base – as nothing else matters. They teach all classes from Preschool to  O Levels and A Levels and International Baccalaureate at the Mainstream and Landmark campuses of LGS in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Peshawar, among other cities. They provide one-to-one private online and home tuition to students in need of better results and enhanced productivity for subjects such as Science, Arts, English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and Information Technology.

Lahore Grammar School (LGS) was started in 1979 with its first branch as “55 Main”, in Gulberg, Lahore. Since then the journey of empowering students with collaborative learning, critical thinking, and diverse co-curricular education is on “ever-growing and ever-evolving” mode.

LGS offers a well-rounded and balanced education that is beyond the conventional standards; so are our tutors – they take pride in helping create a more balanced, well-rounded individual, with interests and ideas, a questioning mind, and a genuine love for learning.

Classes Our LGS Tutors Cover:

  • Tutors for LGS Pre-School
  • Tutors for Junior Classes (Grade 1 to Grade 5)
  • Tutors for Middle Section (Grade 6 to Pre O Levels)
  • Tutors for Senior Classes (IGCSE and GCSE O Level Tutors)
  • AS/A Level Tutors
  • LGS International International Baccalaureate Tutors

Our LGS Tutors Profile:

Our tuition teachers are seasoned professionals with more than 15 years of experience – on average – under their belt of teaching students of Lahore Grammar School across their all campuses in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Karachi, Pakistan. They teach all classes and all subjects at various LGS campuses, from Pre School/Playgroup to Kindergarten to primary level to Pre O’ Levels to A’ Levels.

LGS Teaching Methodology:

Our tutors’ teaching methodology is divided into two steps:

  • Diagnostic Test

This is the starting point, where our tutors thoroughly diagnose the LGS student taking tutoring and identify the areas where his strengths and weaknesses lie. Upon identification of the weak/problem areas – to continually improve the knowledge base, critical thinking, and learning skills – a roadmap and a strategy are designed using the agile methodology, where the goals are divided into days, weeks, and months.

  • Self-audit

Our teachers are committed to making learning gap-free and take every measure to fill the gap. If the strategy, they devised for the student is, somehow, not working and the student is not making progress as expected, then a self-audit is made by the tutor where he goes above and beyond to reassess the gap and re-devise a strategy to make the learning gap-free.

LGS Tutoring Options

Both online and in-home (home tuition) options are available, depending upon both the student’s and tutor’s locations and availability.

LGS Curricula

The curricula our LGS tutors teach are approved by the LGS campuses wherein students go. It can be LGS Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum, LGS International Baccalaureate Curriculum, and Pakistan Textbook Boards Curricula available in Pakistan.

Campuses We Provide LGS Tutors for:

LGS 1A1  LGS Model Town
LGS JT LGS Landmark Wahdat Road
LGS 55 Main Gulberg LGS Multan
LGS 31 FCC Gulberg  LGS Faisalabad
LGS 30 Main Gulberg LGS Islamabad
LGS Defence LGS Karachi
LGS EME Society LGS Peshawar
LGS Arif Jan LGS Sheikhupura
LGS Main Boulevard LGS Rahim Yar Khan
LGS International IB LGS Sialkot

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