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Special Educational Needs (SEN) Assistance

Our Special Needs Assistants (SNA) in Lahore believe in “No child left behind” and take measures to make sure that every special child is on par with the winning students. These special needs children, for us, are no less than the no-special (normal) children. They have every right to excel and outdo others – provided they are given the right assistance, seeing their needs.  And our Special Needs Assistants are determined to fill this void, yes, with their expert assistance in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, Pakistan. They provide in-person (home) and online support to their special students.

As some people, even without any disability, don’t succeed in their life because they were not directed right, for no personalized assistance was given, so why not these (special) children can excel if the right assistance is provided? Yes, they can, with our Special Needs Assistants.

What do our Special Needs Assistants do?

Our Special Needs Assistants have years of experience working with a range of ages such as children, and they know how to get along with them and deliver the best results while filling the gaps. Their services are as under:

  • To understand individual needs and make a personalized plan according to their learning difficulties;
  • To provide special needs classroom assistance (both inside and outside);
  • To make themselves full-time and part-time available (it will be depending upon the student’s needs and schedule);
  • To provide special needs learning support assistance;
  • To look after child’s/children’s physical, emotional/psychological, and social environment;
  • To create a stimulating environment;
  • To keep records and attend review meetings;
  • To make introverted students more comfortable, they provide assistance at home; and
  • To give information and help to the class teachers.

Our Special Needs Assistants’ Skills:

They have:

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills;
  • Literacy and numeracy skills;
  • The ability to deal with and adapt to challenging behavior;
  • Practical and creative skills and tendency to learn; and
  • A strong grip on regional languages.

Hire a Special Needs Assistant

    For more information about our Special Needs Assistants (SNA), please, contact our office.

    Call: +923315282487

    Whatsapp: +923315282487


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