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SICAS Tutors in Johar Town, Gulberg, and DHA

Our SICAS Tutors provide home tuition to the students of the Salamat School System students that include SICAS Girls Campus, Salamat Academy (Salamat School for Boys/Girls), Kids Kampus, ICAS, Salamat Boys Campus in Lahore – Gulberg, Johar Town, DHA. They cover all subjects – English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pak Studies, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting, Economics, and Arts among others – of Preschool, Junior School, Prep School, Senior School (O Levels, A Levels), and help students master at the Cambridge University, Punjab Textbook Board, and International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP curricula.


SICAS (Salamat International College of Advanced Studies) is a part of the Salamat School System (SSS) which is one of the leading private school networks in Lahore. SICAS has multiple campuses and network schools in Lahore for girls and boys that includes SICAS Girls, ICAS, Kids Kampus, and Salamat Academy. These campuses cater to the needs of students of all levels – from preschoolers to juniors to seniors to O Levels and A Levels. SICAS and Salamat School System network schools – SICAS and Kids Kampus – have campuses in Gulberg, Johar Town, and DHA, and offer the Punjab Textbook Board,  the Cambridge University-based and International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula to its students.

Salamat School System has the following branches in Lahore:

  • Kids Kampus (KK)
  • Juniors Kampus (JK)
  • Salamat Academy
    • Salamat School for Boys
    • Salamat School for Girls
  • International Campus for Advanced Studies (ICAS)
    • ICAS Junior
    • ICAS Prep
    • ICAS Girls
  • Salamat International Campus for Advanced (SICAS)

About Our SICAS Tutors:

Our SICAS Tutors are well-rounded professionals with qualifications from top-tier local and foreign universities. They teach Junior Classes, GCE O Level and A Levels, and IB PYP at the leading Cambridge curriculum offering, and IB World schools of Pakistan and provide tuition to the Salamat School System schools, including SICAS. On average they have 10+ years of teaching experience and their average qualification is Master’s.

Tutoring Methodology

Our SICAS tutors’ tutoring methodology is divided into two parts:

  • Diagnostic Test

This is the starting point, where our SICAS tutors thoroughly diagnose the SICAS student taking tutoring and identify the areas where his strength and weakness lie. Upon identification of the weak /problem areas – to continually improve the knowledge base, critical thinking and learning skills – a roadmap and strategy are designed using the agile methodology, where the goals are divided into days, weeks and months.

  • Self-audit

Our SICAS tutors are committed to making learning gap-free, and take every measure to fill the gap. If the strategy, they devised for the student is, somehow, not working and the student is not making progress as expected, then a self-audit is made by the tutor where he goes above and beyond to reassess the gap and re-devise a strategy to make the learning gap-free.

Tutoring Options

For SICAS students, depending upon both the student’s and tutor’s locations and availability, both online and in-home (home tuition) options are available.

Salamat School System Curriculum

Our SICAS tutors teach the Cambridge and IB PYP curricula which are approved and recommended by the Salamat School System.

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