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Scarsdale Tutors in Lahore

Our Scarsdale tutors are highly-qualified American and Cambridge curricula experts, with expertise in American High School and Cambridge Examinations for the Scarsdale students of preschool, elementary and secondary levels. Our Scarsdale tutors have provided tuition to the K-8, O Levels, and AP Courses students of Scarsdale International School (SIS) Lahore and other American and Cambridge curricula offering schools, such as Choueifat International School, Lahore American School, Islamabad International School (ISOI), Roots International, British Overseas School, Bayview Academy, among many others, in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

Scarsdale International School (SIS) is a Lahore-based, internationally accredited, co-educational school that offers both the Cambridge and American curriculum through its K-8 and O Levels and High School programs divided into various levels.

Classes Our Scarsdale Tutors Cover:

K-8 Tutors

Scarsdale Preschool (Tiny Tots) Tutors: They teach the Scarsdale preschool students, aged between 2 and 5.

Scarsdale Elementary School Tutors: They teach the Scarsdale Kindergarten students to the Scarsdale Grade 4 students.

Scarsdale Middle School Tutors: They teach the Scarsdale Grade 5 students to the Scarsdale Grade 8 students.

American High School Tutors

Grade 9 Tutors

Grade 10 Tutors

Grade 11 Tutors

Grade 12 Tutors

Career Pathways Course Tutors

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses Tutors

Scarsdale American High School Subjects:

AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Stats
AP Physics AP Computer Science AP French
AP Calculus AP Environmental Science AP US History
AP Micro & Macroeconomics AP English Language AP English Literature

Scarsdale O Levels Tutors

They teach the Scarsdale O Levels students going for GCSE exams under Cambridge International Assessment Examinations (CIAEs). They assess the students based on their individual needs and design a personalized study plan where the goal of scoring straight “As” and equipping students with learning skills and critical thinking is divided into sub-goals in the forms of quarters, like Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

O Levels Subject:

English Mathematics Urdu
Pakistan Studies Islamiyat Biology or Computers
Physics Chemistry Economics
Accounting Business Studies  French

Scarsdale Tutors’ Profile

Our Scarsdale tutors are senior teachers teaching students of top American schools in Pakistan and beyond, including and not limited to the International School of Choueifat, Scarsdale International, Lahore American School, International School Group, Abu Dhabi American School, Jeddah American School, Gems Academy among others. They have a personalized assessment, and teaching plan for all students based on their individual needs; and, with this, their students deliver stellar scores while outdoing their peers. They become a facilitator of their student’s learning and prepare them for their studies in a way that enables them to learn without the tutor’s direct input. Our Scarsdale tutors in Lahore empower their students for better academic and professional careers.

Tutoring Methodology

Our Scarsdale tutors’ tutoring methodology is divided into two parts:

  • Diagnostic Test

This is the starting point, where our Scarsdale tutors thoroughly diagnose the Scarsdale student taking tutoring and identify the areas where his strength and weakness lie. Upon identification of the weak /problem areas – to continually improve the knowledge base, critical thinking, and learning skills – a roadmap and strategy are designed using the agile methodology, where the goals are divided into days, weeks, and months.

  • Self-audit

Our tutors are committed to making learning gap-free, and take every measure to fill the gap. If the strategy, they devised for the student is, somehow, not working and the student is not making progress as expected, then a self-audit is made by the tutor where he goes above and beyond to reassess the gap and re-devise a strategy to make the learning gap-free.

Tutoring Options

For Scarsdale, both online and in-home (home tuition) options are available, depending upon both the student’s and tutor’s locations and availability.


The curricula our teachers teach are approved by the Scarsdale International School wherein students go. It can be Cambridge GCSE Curriculum or American Curriculum.

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