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Tune in yourself. With our Pre O Levels tutors.

Java HTS professional Pre O Levels tutors start off with the end of previous standards and build from there into new concepts. Science and arts foundation with the real life knowledge is built at a deeper level. Students are introduced to the deductive reasoning with basic elementary exercises. The writings and creative projects serve as an expressive response to the works of others, as well as a major way of forming their own ideas. Our tutors for maths, english and science prepare you in-advance for the upcoming Ordinary Levels (O Levels) and Advanced Levels (A Levels), too.

Our Method

Pre-O Levels Subjects: All – Maths, English, Social Studies, Sciences, Pak Studies, Urdu, Islamic Studies etc

Curriculum: Curriculum is provided by the client, be it Cambridge, SABIS, Edexcel or any other, while our tutors add custom activities to take the learning experience to the next level.

Pre- O Levels Tutoring Options: In-home tutoring/Online tutoring/Private and Group Tutoring

Pre-O Levels Tutors’ Profile: Our pre O Levels tutors are professionals with years of experience under their belt of tutoring students of this GCSE Ordinary Levels and Advanced Levels, and designing activities to set a foundation for the upcoming classes.

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